Planning ahead in a pandemic

The webinar took place on August 6
th 2020 from 14:00-16:00BST. 

Eminent public health expert Alanna Shaikh and leading immunologist Luke O’Neill joined Dominick Hoare (Munich Re) and Martin McCluney (Marsh JLT Specialty) to discuss how the pandemic might evolve over the coming 6-24 months and how that may affect the marine and energy insurance sectors. Points of discussion included:


  • • Covid-19 around the world
  • • What will a second wave look like?
  • • Likelihood of finding a working vaccine and how it will be rolled out
  • • Living without a vaccine
  • • How to construct pandemic insurance: The triggers for loss, the methodology for indemnification 
  • • Pandemic insurance: government vs commercial. Whose shoulders should it fall on?
  • • Impact on shipowner crewing practices
  • • Varying marine insurance response, IG clubs vs commercial insurers


Dominick Hoare, Group Chief Underwriting Officer,  Munich Re,

Martin McCluney, Managing Director, U.S Hull & Liability Practice,  Marsh JLT Specialty,

Alanna Shaikh, Global Health & Biosecurity Expert,  Tomorrow Global ,

Luke O’Neill, Chair of the Immunity and Infection paneo,  European Research Council,

The discussion will be moderated by Richard Banks,  Director, Industry Research EMEA Market, AM Best,