Forthcoming Webinars

Following the success of our recent online events, TMI Business Intelligence is pleased to announce the next webinar in its annual series titled ‘P&I Leaders: Looking to the Future’. The webinar will be held on the 27th October 2020 from 14.00-15.45 GMT. 

Moderator: William Baynham, Divisional Director – Protection & Indemnity,Gallagher

Tom Bowsher, Group Chief Executive Officer, West of England P&I Club

Nick Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, The International Group

Paul Jennings, Chief Executive, North of England P&I Association

Ståle Hansen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Skuld

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, UK P&I Club


14.00-15.15 P&I Leaders: Looking to the Future

  • * Impact of Covid-19 on individual clubs and on shipowner members’ businesses
  • * IG resilience to the impact of the disease
  • * What steps have clubs and the Group taken to ensure that there is a sustainable future for the shipping industry?
  • * Pool claims deterioration over the last 3-4 years; How might the potential economic blow be softened for your shipowner members?
  • * What are the industry trends that might impact the P&I world and how are these being addressed individually and collectively?

15.15-15.45 Fireside Chat: P&I – How will Covid-19 Drive Change?
Ronny Reppe, Chief Executive Officer of  Noria Group and Christian Pritchard-Davies, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President of Gard AS will discuss the current state of the P&I market, likely changes over the next five years and how digitalisation can enhance business development, increase co-operation and drive down costs.


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