Insurance Trends in Offshore Wind - 4th March 2021

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Renewable energy will form a large part of our flagship Energy Insurance London conference this year, held every October. Until then, we are pleased to invite you to attend our first dedicated renewables webinar, Insurance Trends in Offshore Wind, taking place on 4th March 2021. This is free to attend thanks to our sponsor, MatthewsDaniel.


14.00-15.00 – Panel Discussion: Insurance Trends in Offshore Wind

The Offshore Wind market is hardening due to years of claims in offshore wind farm construction. How are the different stakeholders dealing with this? 
Moderator: Robert Thomas QC, Barrister, Quadrant Chambers

Speakers: Jan Pagan, Renewables Manager/Loss Adjuster, MatthewsDaniel
Roy Munoz, Global Head of Claims – Claims Management, GCube Underwriting Limited
Kristina Nielsen, Risk and Insurance Manager – Offshore Wind, Orsted
Ollie Holme, Senior Vice President – Power & Renewable Energy Practice, Marsh JLT Specialty
Live Q&A
The panel will be followed by two presentations focusing on  new technology the risks associated with larger turbines/remote windfarms:

15.00-15.20  Presentation: The Future of Offshore Wind: Bigger, Longer, Deeper

With close to 80% of the Earth’s wind resource located in deep waters, the future of offshore wind looks increasingly further away from the coast. With this comes a number of corollaries with turbine size to maximise production efficiencies against construction costs, export distances and choice of export current, and an evolution of foundation technology into floating foundations for deeper water. This session will explore some of the notable technical issues from each of these areas and present factors to be considered with the boom in offshore wind.

Daniel Sim, Associate Director – Insurance Division, Capital Consulting International
Live Q&A

15.20-15.40 – Presentation: New Technologies and Installation Methods in Changing Environment Conditions – Insurability and the Associated Risks

In this session, you will learn about the various new technologies in larger offshore turbines and remote windfarms, as well as the risks associated with these from the insurer’s perspective. We will ask what insurability means, as well as provide a more general overview of the offshore wind insurance market.

Lutz Weidtke, Senior Underwriter – Construction, Power, Engineering and Renewable Energy, Codan Forsikring A/S
Live Q&A