TMI Membership £200 Upgrade

£200 upgrade to full TMI membership (usual price of £600) which includes access to all our digital conferences (Marine Insurance London, Marine Insurance Nordics, Marine Insurance Asia and Marine Insurance Americas), single-user access to all webinars, access to The Marine Insurer digital magazine and access to the TMI Business Intelligence Platform where videos of the events can be watched the next day. This discounted upgrade fee replaces the delegate place to the postponed Marine Insurance London event back in March 2020.

£200 +VAT

Annual membership to all our digital media

Single User Cancellation/Refund Policy: Refunds on single user registrations for the virtual conferences will not be given. See conditions below.


Discount Link Policy: Discount links may exist. Prospective attendees must meet the link criteria and have been given the link by an authorised individual from Cannon Events Ltd. Being sent a discount link does not necessarily entitle the holder of the link to qualify for the discount. Cannon Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel the registration of any ticketholder found to have used a discount link erroneously.


Recording & Videotaping: Recording the event (visual and/or audio) by delegates is strictly prohibited.


Force Majeure: If events beyond the reasonable control of the parties, including, but not limited to, acts of God, war in the UK, strikes, terrorist attacks in the city where the event is being held, or curtailment of transportation either in the conference city or in the countries/states of origin of the attendees, which prevents at least 30% of the attendees from arriving for the first day of the event, so that it is impracticable, illegal, or impossible to hold the conference, Cannon Events Ltd may cancel the conference and offer attendees a credit for a future event.