Suki Basi

  • Director and Founder
  • Company: Russell Group

Suki is the Managing Director and founder of Russell Group, the leading risk management company. Russell provides a truly integrated business data platform, which enables (re)insurers and corporates to explore, understand and evaluate connected business exposure in a connected world.

Before founding Russell Group, Suki worked for Oracle in Silicon Valley in the early 90s, focusing on the defence, energy, finance and healthcare sectors. On his return from the U.S., Suki worked as a trouble-shooter on large Oracle projects. On founding Russell, Suki created the claims database for London Market Claims Services, and then helped Lloyd’s model its exposures during Reconstruction and Renewal (R&R). Russell Group has been at the cutting edge of risk management solutions across the Specialty classes (re)insurance ever since that time.

Under Suki’s leadership, Russell Group is helping (re)insurers and corporates through its ALPS products to better understand connected business exposure throughout the business trading network, gain deeper business intelligence and achieve superior return on equity.

Suki has a BSc (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering from Manchester University and moved on to do PhD research at Nottingham University on the mathematical modelling of fibre reinforced materials, which was sponsored by Rolls-Royce.

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