About Us

About us

Cannon Publishing runs a number of conferences that are well established in the insurance community including Marine Insurance London, Marine Insurance Asia, Energy Insurance London and Marine Claims Dublin. We also publish The Marine Insurer every quarter. 

The Marine Insurer Digital Offering

The Marine Insurer is pleased to announce that we will be running a series of digital forums, with one taking place each month. This digital platform will only be available to individuals and companies that subscribe to a membership of our new brand ‘TMI Business Intelligence’.

Through our monthly online forums, quarterly journal and annual online conferences our members are guaranteed connections regularly.

Most businesses have had to adpapt to offer their clients solutions to deal with this changing market , we are no different. Uptake in digital media has completely changed the way we interact and whilst we hope it does not completely replace our beloved face to face business it is likely here to stay and compliments our business.

Digital media means we can constantly monitor developments in the marine insurance sector and ask our members to help one another navigate challenges and opprtunities that arise.

Our brands are as follows:

The Marine Insurer

TMI Business Intelligence

Marine Insurance London

Marine Insurance Asia

Energy Insurance London

Marine Claims Dublin