Buisness Intelligence

TMI Business Intelligence is our membership-based multimedia offering that enables members to connect directly with one another through our digital platform. It also gives our members access to our digital forums, surveys, quarterly digital issues of The Marine Insurer journal and access to our annual Marine Insurance London, Marine Insurance Nordics, Marine Insurance Americas, Marine Claims Dublin, Energy Insurance London and Marine Insurance Asia conferences.

We place a huge amount of importance on connecting people and peer-to-peer discussions, as well as continued professional development, are as important as ever. Understanding what new connections are relevant for our members is key to our sector thriving during these uncertain times. As well as making connections, TMI Business Intelligence asks its members to vote on topics for inclusion in our digital forums on a quarterly basis. Our members can also put themselves forward to join the speaker faculty for these forums and again, our members will vote for their preferred speakers. See our Membership Pricing page for details on how to subscribe.